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Paul Ryan declares support for Kevin McCarthy as next House Speaker

16 April 2018, 02:11 | Damon Campbell

House Majority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy speaks next to House Speaker Paul Ryan at a news conference with Republican leaders after

House Majority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy speaks next to House Speaker Paul Ryan at a news conference with Republican leaders after

"The day the Speakership of the House of Representatives is Kevin McCarthy will be a big day for Kern County", Scrivner said in response to The Californian's request for a statement. Ryan was asked to reflect on his time as a steady if reluctant wingman for President Donald Trump's policies.

House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Kevin McCarthy, saying he's the "right person" to lead the GOP.

"I think we all believe that Kevin is the right person", he said. House Republicans are now expected to hold their leadership elections in November following the midterm elections. Initially Ryan said he wouldn't talk about endorsing someone until then.

"He's been reaching out, trying to keep his promises to a number of members of the House Freedom Caucus". Some also questioned whether Ryan would be able to sustain his massive fundraising efforts as a lame-duck speaker. Republicans were left reeling over who will replace him and whether Ryan's lame-duck status will jeopardize the GOP's pitch to voters and donors. McCarthy failed to win enough support when he tried replacing John Boehner as House speaker in 2015, and many wonder if continued skepticism by conservatives may yet again deny him the post.

Ryan's endorsement for McCarthy is only the first word on the race, of course.

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Scalise and Jordan combined can deny McCarthy the necessary votes. On Thursday, he noted that he had raised $3 million to help colleagues with re-election so far this year, a record for the House whip.

McCarthy's elevation would also set up an unprecedented arrangement in American politics: leaders of both parties in the House of Representatives hailing from a single state. That may be good news for McCarthy because he is close to Trump - as is House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, a conservative from North Carolina.

Johnson confirms reports from the nation's capitol that Scalise, a longtime friend and ally of McCarty, will not seek the Speaker's office if McCarthy wants the soon-to-be-vacated position.

Certain lawmakers have predicted that Trump may have the decision power in the end when electing the next speaker.

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