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Ground breaking flu vaccine for Gold Coast Seniors

20 February 2018, 08:18 | Rodolfo Quinn

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NY reports cases of influenza continue to rise; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announces flu vaccine only 36 percent effective.

The CDC said it doesn't have enough evidence to make a recommendation to the public regarding which of the 12 vaccines is most effective for the current flu season.

To date, this season the flu has now taken 84 children's lives according to the CDC. An FDA expert panel will convene in two weeks to help select strains for next season's flu vaccines, he said.

"G$3 enetic changes in the vaccine virus hemagglutinin protein that arise during passage in eggs might result in a vaccine immune response that is less effective against circulating viruses", says the CDC report. More than half of kids who got a flu vaccine this season have avoided the illness. On Thursday, they also announced the flu shot was about 36-percent effective at preventing flu symptoms this year. This strain of the influenza virus has been known to be the reason for higher hospitalization and death rates.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses all can cause pneumonia, according to the CDC website; worldwide, pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5.

This year's flu shot was created to protect against influenza A/H3N2/Hong Kong, A/H1N1/Michigan and B/Brisbane.

It's also essential to practice good hand hygiene, the agency said, because, "unlike some viruses, influenza is easily killed by soap and hot water".

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Researchers often test the relationship between different flu strains, or how well infection or vaccination to one strain protects you from infection with another, in lab animals like ferrets.

"These early vaccine effectiveness estimates underscore the need for ongoing influenza prevention and treatment measures", the CDC wrote in its report.

Those of you who are so used to hearing the Acronym H1N1 This may be a new one the H3N2 strain is the reason for this year's intensive flu cease.

February marks the peak of flu season in the US, and death numbers continue to rise.

Once the strains are selected, the FDA produces materials in our laboratories that are critical for making the vaccine.

Instead, the human immune system seems to pick up on the presence of a flu strain - from either the vaccine or the flu itself - and respond as if it were whatever the first strain it encountered had been. Thus, for egg-based vaccines, the lower-than-desirable efficacy being observed is not likely related to the process of adapting the virus to grow well in eggs. Those who received the normal "three strain" vaccine are not protected.

Hygiene: A number of common actions - coughing, sneezing, touching your nose, mouth, or eyes, and even talking - are some of the most rampant ways of spreading the flu.

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