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Guests invited to Trump's State of the 'Uniom'

01 February 2018, 12:49 | Damon Campbell

How Mark Ruffalo & Others Plan to Upstage Trump's State of the Union Address Kevin Burwick

Mark Ruffalo Alyssa Milano and Michael Moore are among the more than a dozen celebrities who are uniting to upstage Trump's first State of the Union Address

The address, held before a joint session of Congress, is meant to give the president the opportunity to speak directly to the American people about his vision for the next year, and also give a summation of what has happened in the past.

While the first president, George Washington, addressed Congress in its temporary home in New York, Thomas Jefferson broke with the tradition in 1801. Will he return to the inflammatory rhetoric of his inauguration speech previous year, or will he try to strike a more moderate note?

The address, required by the U.S. Constitution, will focus on Trump's priorities in five areas, a senior administration official told reporters on Friday: jobs, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security.

Mr. Trump brings up ratings often, and he should be able to take comfort in knowing that tens of millions of people are sure to be watching his State of the Union Tuesday night.

Americans are voicing concerns about Mr Trump's fitness for office.

"I can not in all good conscience be in a room with what he has said about so many Americans. That's the problem", the source quipped, hinting the President could decide to ad-lib at times during the State of the Union to drive up interest in his speech.

New refrigerators for US Air Force One to cost nearly $24 million
The Air Force One jet carrying the president on trips in Davos, East Asia and the Middle East needs new refrigerators. The term " Air Force One " refers not to any particular aircraft but to any plane carrying the president.

Kasganj Violence: 49 People Arrested, Internet Suspended
BJP MP Rajveer Singh who attended Gupta's cremation persuaded the victim's family to cremate the body. The administration also organised a meeting of the district peace committee to restore normalcy.

Waymo, FCAU partnership strengthens with "thousands" of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans supply
Delivery of the vehicles is expected to take place later this year and they will be deployed across multiple cities in the US. Last November in Phoenix, Waymo began test-driving its fleet of minivans .

Politicians on both sides of the aisle poked fun at the mistake, including Trump's GOP opponent in the primaries, Sen. ABC Radio will also broadcast the State of the Union.

Here's five things to watch in tonight's speech.

Considering the strength of the economy, Trump will step before lawmakers Tuesday night in a remarkably weak position.

Against the backdrop of the spending fight, Republicans and Democrats are also wrestling with the future of some 700,000 young immigrants living in the United States illegally.

Much of the public seems to anticipate these fleeting moments where Trump seems to understand and channel the gravity and import of the presidency, and plays the role of a traditional leader. Republican polls in many key swing districts show the president continues to poll below GOP incumbent members of Congress. "To do that successfully, we need the president and the White House making the case every day instead of every sixth day". "What inspires YOU. (We especially encourage those running for office and those already serving to do so!)".

A further distraction will come after the State of the Union, when Jimmy Kimmel interviews Stormy Daniels, the porn actor who allegedly had an affair with Trump.

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