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The hidden change on Apple's new iOS 11 that's infuriating users

23 September 2017, 01:42 | Gordon Grant

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This latest updated software brings a wide range of changes. The Dock also includes 3 suggested apps in addition to your manually added 13. Yet this time Canada's largest city has put out a notice to its citizens urging them not to test out one of Apple's new iOS 11 features.

Apple's iOS 11 was scheduled for release on September 19 and fans are now wondering whether the jailbreak for the iOS will be possible or not. Issues ranging from slow download speeds to frozen devices often plague the first version of new operating systems, and the potential for something to go awry on day one should be enough to make you consider waiting until Apple irons out the kinks. That said, some might have still been dragging their feet (or haven't updated their apps in general since Apple made that call). But if Cupertino feels it's more convenient this way, it's unlikely to change anytime soon. So here are some tips and tricks that everyone should know.

Take a long, hard look at all the features of iOS 11 and decide if the features you're the most excited for are worth upgrading for the device you have. The steps that to follow is Settings Control Center and Customise Controls. Don't like the Timer control but would love to add an Alarm control?

A built-in screen recording feature is present in iOS 11. Follow the instructions to activate it.

Apple AirPods Update Overshadowed By New iPhone
Some of the big members of WPC include Apple Inc, Nokia , Panasonic , AirCharge , Samsung , HTC , and Texas Instruments . The device is expected to pack a dual camera setup along with a 6-inch AMOLED panel with full HD resolution.

N Korea slams Trump as South approves aid
China is North Korea's number one trading partner, but the USA has often been hesitant to crack down on Chinese banks. The new order enables the U.S.to sanction individual companies and institutions that finance trade with North Korea .

Wisconsin, 20 other U.S. states targeted by Russian hackers in 2016 election
He said that the system had recognized the IP addresses that were scanning the system and blocked them. And, sorry to say it Wisconsin, you have the dubious distinction of being the state in the spotlight.

You can now record your screen's activity and the control centre is all different and cool and stuff. Last but not the least the microphone on the device is an advantage of this. It supports various types QR codes.

The iOS 11 is out!

You can force quit any app by swiping up on it from the multitasking screen. This feature stops you from getting annoying notifications while driving. So to activate this feature then follow this step.

For those of you who own an Apple device that supports the new iOS 11, yesterday the company released their new operating system to users here in Malaysia and it brought along a lot of features that really enhanced the experience even for older devices. The former sends the emergency services a text message with you location, the site says, while the latter gives rescuers vital information about your health.

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